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Elite X services - Worlds most trusted name in professional Forex Trading & Training since 2003 EliteXservices - World's most trusted name in professional forex trading & training since 2003

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ElitexServices - World's most trusted name in Professional Trading/Training/Advisory since 2003. We are Traders first, Advisors second. Proven method of analysing trend over the years, Developed a phenomenal Trading tool - AKTrend5.7v and which is well know in Middle East and Asia. We believe in Money (Risk) Management.

Our Own Strategy- EliteX2K


Our Own Strategy- EliteX2K


Why Us? 

With our trading software - AKTrend5.7v which is a charting tool with proven success Rating of 80-90% on most of the trades, applied to LIVE financial markets, Our sector -wise Experience dedicated team works all the market hours for you.Whenever we find an opportunity, the same can be forwarded to you by email/sms/WhatsApp as per your request. We treat your money as ours and suggest you with the best possible result to fetch your investment along with profit.  






Our Services:

We provide you with world class Advice on our services. We Analyse the data before giving you any suggestions.


Introduction to Trading
AKTrend5.7v Software for Trading


We have everything you need... in one place. Get FREE Trail now ! 



Introduction to Forex Trading
AKTrend - a Phenomenal Software Tool for Trading

AKTrend- The Most Precise, Powerful, Effective Software tool For Trend Trading You've Ever Seen Identify The Trend With Precise Timing And Extract Maximum Profit From Every Single Trade... Sounds Impossible? You should read it now...Read More

Auto Trade / EA Trade / Robo Trade
Auto Trade / EA Trade / Robo Trade

100% Transparent on Trading With more than 10years of our versatile experience in stocks, commodities and Forex trading, We are only aiming for 10-30% return on investment per annum and anything beyond that is a bonus. Trading & Fund Management by Real time professional Global Money Managers...Read More


Live Support  
24x7 Live Support


Wonderful supporting system Find out all the ways you can get support and services for your Trading career - on Education(technical/fundamentals), Trade plan, Money Management,Selecting a good broker... and many more. Our dedicated support team is always ready to help you 24x7 LIVE support...

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Hi Pro !

First time in Trading History,
we are launching “Live Trading Room” concept where everyone can “see” how an Experts are taking trades in Stocks, Future & Options, Commodities, Forex/Currencies.


Neither Timeframes nor candles makes you rich except PRICE ACTION, Every trader accepts it, on the same truth…


We have developed Unique & verified Trading strategy WITHOUT Time Frames /Candles -which we have proven across the world-wide exchanges like ADX(Dubai), NASDAQ(USA),FTSE(UK), NSE, MCX etc.,


YES, its True, We “See” charts differently and show you Exact Market Direction always!
We SHOW- you-LIVE when to enter a Trade, what is Stop and where to Exit, that’s it.


FREE* Access to our Live-Trade-Room thru Mobile/Laptop/PC,  
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The experience you are about to have will be exciting and enjoyable. You are about to team up with the professionals! 


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AKTrend5.7v  Software Tool for Trading       

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