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About Us EliteXservices - World's most trusted name in professional forex trading & training since 2003

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About Us

The EliteXservices - a Professional Educational & Training system in STOCKS and CURRENCIES trading which is designed specifically for people who wants to get reliable and profitable source of real income in legal way. We, at ElitexServices stand behind our products and strategies. It is our personal goal that you will achieve success and we have devoted 100% of our efforts to give you the best trading strategy available today. In any question or issue you might have, our support team- which consists of full-time traders - are here to assist. Whether you need more explanation or need more examples - we are here for you.

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Every day from market open until market close, we run a Live Trading Room for educational purposes. This live trading room is run using web-conferencing software so that you can see our trading charts, and hear our voices as we ‘call out’ the trades we are taking in our own accounts.


 In addition to commenting on the trades we are taking or considering taking, we also share our thoughts about the markets in general, including major support and resistance levels, the major local and the world economies and the impact and relevance of economic and political news.


We trade a price Breakout methodology of our own design. We teach our members exactly how the methodology works so they can spot their own trades. This also ensures that we are all on the same page and looking at trades in the same way while in the trading room. We provide our full members with all the tools necessary for this including a trading manual, training videos, and their own copy of our most sophisticated trading tool- AKTrend5.7v  which was designed with a unique Banker’s concept - SPT ( “ Sure Profit Trade”) where most of the trades  would be in the profit, for sure !


In our educational Live Trading Room we focus on trading Stocks/ Future & Options / Nifty / BankNifty /Commodities / Currencies markets. We find those markets in particular favourable for a price breakout trading method. Our educational Live Trading Room is moderated by The Chief Technical Analyst who has more than 16+ years of experience in various Financial Markets across the world and trained up 1000+ traders.


We Discover The Revolutionary Trading Strategy That's so Powerful, It's Transforming Consistently Losing Traders Into SUPER Traders Faster Than Anything Before. 

Have you ever noticed that how the Investors are behaving whether they are investing into the market OR taking out their money from the market ? Meanwhile How the so called traders responding / behaving in the market ? 

How many times you got confused with different time frame with different directions of the market,
some time frames shows BUY and some time frames shows SELL..... right?

How it could be, if there is NO time frames at all, and only Up/Down direction of the market, will it be easy for you to trade? Then its for YOU.

There are so many gurus out there talking about their so-called incredible systems and methods, but have you ever asked them how well their students / clients are actually doing? Because that's the only thing that should truly matter to you. And that's exactly why this may be the most important thing you will ever read. In only the last few months, the proven unconventional strategy that I've used for years to make a living as a professional independent trader, has transformed dozens of consistently losing traders into SUPER traders with elite results. 


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Hi Pro !

First time in Trading History,
we are launching “Live Trading Room” concept where everyone can “see” how an Experts are taking trades in Stocks, Future & Options, Commodities, Forex/Currencies.


Neither Timeframes nor candles makes you rich except PRICE ACTION, Every trader accepts it, on the same truth…


We have developed Unique & verified Trading strategy WITHOUT Time Frames /Candles -which we have proven across the world-wide exchanges like ADX(Dubai), NASDAQ(USA),FTSE(UK), NSE, MCX etc.,


YES, its True, We “See” charts differently and show you Exact Market Direction always!
We SHOW- you-LIVE when to enter a Trade, what is Stop and where to Exit, that’s it.


FREE* Access to our Live-Trade-Room thru Mobile/Laptop/PC,  
By clicking HERE

The experience you are about to have will be exciting and enjoyable. You are about to team up with the professionals! 


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