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ElitexServices - World's most trusted name in Professional Trading/Training/Advisory since 2003. We are Traders first, Advisors second. Proven method of analysing trend over the years, Developed a phenomenal Trading tool - AKTrend5.7v and which is well know in Middle East and Asia. We believe in Money (Risk) Management.

Why Us? 

With our trading software - AKTrend5.7v which is a charting tool with proven success Rating of 80-90% on most of the trades, applied to LIVE financial markets, Our sector -wise Experience dedicated team works all the market hours for you.Whenever we find an opportunity, the same can be forwarded to you by email/sms/WhatsApp as per your request. We treat your money as ours and suggest you with the best possible result to fetch your investment along with profit.  

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We provide you with world class Advice on our services. We Analyse the data before giving you any suggestions.

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Hi Pro !

First time in Trading History,
we are launching “Live Trading Room” concept where everyone can “see” how an Experts are taking trades in Stocks, Future & Options, Commodities, Forex/Currencies.


Neither Timeframes nor candles makes you rich except PRICE ACTION, Every trader accepts it, on the same truth…


We have developed Unique & verified Trading strategy WITHOUT Time Frames /Candles -which we have proven across the world-wide exchanges like ADX(Dubai), NASDAQ(USA),FTSE(UK), NSE, MCX etc.,


YES, its True, We “See” charts differently and show you Exact Market Direction always!
We SHOW- you-LIVE when to enter a Trade, what is Stop and where to Exit, that’s it.


FREE* Access to our Live-Trade-Room thru Mobile/Laptop/PC,  
By clicking HERE

The experience you are about to have will be exciting and enjoyable. You are about to team up with the professionals! 


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