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LiveTradingRoom EliteXservices - World's most trusted name in professional forex trading & training since 2003

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First time in India,

we are launching “Live Trading Room” concept where everyone can see how an  Experts  are taking trades  in Stocks, Future & Options, Commodities etc.,  on LIVE  charts  by  our most sophisticated trading tool- AKTrend5.7v which works well on Breakout Methodology without using Timeframes or Candles. Watch us from your computer / mobile in LIVE !

What is a Live Trading Room and who needs Live Trading Room ?

The experience you are about to have will be exciting and enjoyable. You are about to team up with the professionals! 

Our trading room is a pivotal tool in the trader's professional development path. Hundreds of traders from different countries connect daily in our trading room, creating one of the world's largest trading communities. A team of professional traders work hand in hand with the budding traders; we refer to this team of pros as "Analysts." The analysts are independent professional traders, who inform the trading room members of the details of their real-time private account transactions. Trading room members can hear and learn about analysts' transactions, presenting the analysts with questions and can even share with them and the other trading room members through "The Chat Window" details of their own transactions. The connection is entirely via the internet without the need to leave the comfort of one's home.


At ElitexTraders Club, we are aware that you may have a busy schedule and you may only be able to join the trading room during certain hours therefore We have real live trading, education and preparation happening in our live global trading room throughout  the market hours, Hence you may join/leave trading room as per your convenience.


We use a conferencing software that works on computer but also on mobiles (phones, tablets) so you can take us with you wherever you go and have data or WiFi access .


 The purpose of the Live Trading Room is as follows: to provide education on financial instruments like stocks, Future & Options, ETFs, Commodities, Currencies along with LIVE access to “see” our real time trading experts  taking trades by analysing  on the Live Charts with Entry/Exit and minimal stop loss ( to protect your money ).

In today’s financial world, the number of trading rooms has been exponentially increasing around the globe. With our Personal experience in  LiveTradeRooms in USA, UK, Middile East, UAE, Hongkong etc. We have decided to LAUNCH such services here in INDIA for the traders who are struggling to make profits in the ever growing financial markets. 



The trading room commences about 10 minutes before the opening of the trading day on Dalal Street (9:15 IST) with stock reviews, a glimpse into world markets, technical analysis of previous trading days, a daily trading forecast, and a presentation about the interesting stocks set to become Dalal Street's "hot stocks" for each given day.


The benefits to Traders/students are tremendous.

 First, it exposes traders  to research and analytical tools used in financial industries.

 Second, it gives opportunity to view various financial markets on their own, No need to depend on someone / SMS/ calls/ signals.

 Third, it serves a conduit between traders  "theoretical knowledge and real world experience".

 Fourth, it shows traders  how Confidently they can do trading from now onwards.



In the trading room, on a daily basis, transactions are presented using real-time graphs, accompanied with verbal and written analyst explanations. In the trading room, fast-paced intraday transactions are illustrated, together with Swing Transactions lasting a number of days, enabling each trader to reveal the strategy best suiting him/her along with the ideal type of stock and analyst for his/her trading style.



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Hi Pro !

First time in Trading History,
we are launching “Live Trading Room” concept where everyone can “see” how an Experts are taking trades in Stocks, Future & Options, Commodities, Forex/Currencies.


Neither Timeframes nor candles makes you rich except PRICE ACTION, Every trader accepts it, on the same truth…


We have developed Unique & verified Trading strategy WITHOUT Time Frames /Candles -which we have proven across the world-wide exchanges like ADX(Dubai), NASDAQ(USA),FTSE(UK), NSE, MCX etc.,


YES, its True, We “See” charts differently and show you Exact Market Direction always!
We SHOW- you-LIVE when to enter a Trade, what is Stop and where to Exit, that’s it.


FREE* Access to our Live-Trade-Room thru Mobile/Laptop/PC,  
By clicking HERE

The experience you are about to have will be exciting and enjoyable. You are about to team up with the professionals! 


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