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why Us EliteXservices - World's most trusted name in professional forex trading & training since 2003

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why Us


Why traders love our services.

  1. Save yourself hours of research (we do it for you) every night looking for new setups on stocks setting up to potentially breakout.

  2. We have a fantastic team of people working together who are enthusiastic about assisting all, with timely information such as fibonacci numbers, news (w/links) along with precise entry and exit points for both the active day trader and/or swing trader.

  3. Always something new to learn. Though I have good proven strategies, I'm continually working to improve upon them (tweaking) to become a more profitable trader.  It's amazing how just one little piece of new information can make such a significant difference in increased profits.

  4. Assurance through tough situations. We all have times where it can be tough going and regaining a good sense of direction (short and/or long term) can at times be difficult. Having someone on your side to help can make a difference in getting that confidence back with a solid, well planned course of action.

  5. A non biased view of your situation. We all make mistakes and sometimes it's easy to lose sight of what's really going on when that occurs. Having a non bias source of assistance can help keep you more on track.  What's better is this service is availble to you before, during and after market hours to assist in things like perhaps taking a loss, when to take profits and/or alternate methods of money management and much more.

  6. It's fun! Sure we're serious about trading and our noise factor in chat is minimal, however there is something to be said about being together with other like minded individuals that care about your success as much as their own. It's a big factor towards our success.

  7. Confirmation is good. It's what I'm always looking for in any trade and when someone else I know in chat (those that know their stuff) tells me that they are seeing what I'm seeing, then all the more confidence in the trade.

Sound like something you might like to be a part of?  Visit us in Live Tradind Room.


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Hi Pro !

First time in Trading History,
we are launching “Live Trading Room” concept where everyone can “see” how an Experts are taking trades in Stocks, Future & Options, Commodities, Forex/Currencies.


Neither Timeframes nor candles makes you rich except PRICE ACTION, Every trader accepts it, on the same truth…


We have developed Unique & verified Trading strategy WITHOUT Time Frames /Candles -which we have proven across the world-wide exchanges like ADX(Dubai), NASDAQ(USA),FTSE(UK), NSE, MCX etc.,


YES, its True, We “See” charts differently and show you Exact Market Direction always!
We SHOW- you-LIVE when to enter a Trade, what is Stop and where to Exit, that’s it.


FREE* Access to our Live-Trade-Room thru Mobile/Laptop/PC,  
By clicking HERE

The experience you are about to have will be exciting and enjoyable. You are about to team up with the professionals! 


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